Portrait of VickiI tend to cheer for the one who forges against the current; the rogue outlier grabs my attention and makes me reach for a better version of myself to offer to the world.  Yearning for people to offer their best, for the world to be a vibrant, humming, nurturing place are constant wishes for me.  I desire such things for all people and the creatures and critters we share this planet with.  Maybe that’s why my images contain so much color – a yearning for what could be above and beyond what is.      

Although I’m deeply saddened for what we’ve done and continue to do to Earth and its inhabitants and wonder why we can’t collectively get it right for the benefit of all, I remain hopeful and am heartened by what is good and true and right.

I shivered my way through childhood in chilly, wonderful Minnesota, moved “home” to Colorado after college, climbed some fourteeners so I could get a handle on the big picture, got my master’s degree to help others, and finally grew up one day in New Mexico.  I’m still seeking and learning, embarking upon a variety of personal missions.  I’m a mama and wife, tending to a wide menagerie of animals, friends and passions.  Rotting elements in my compost pile excite me - I believe composting can save the world!  Or at least our topsoil.   
I have studied design, form and function extensively throughout my adult life.  I’ve always had a hankering for artistic pursuits, whether it was drawing sun-baked faces on crisp white paper, smoothing over a silky piece of wood with gritty sandpaper, designing living spaces where intuition could happily lounge, or lurking in the viewfinder of that camera, recording fragments of a colorful life.  My eyes are always busy and always open.

Much of my photography and design work is centered around Albuquerque, Angel Fire and Taos, New Mexico. Northern New Mexico is exquisite; I enjoy celebrating these areas in my art using wild and vivid colors. 

I am currently represented by The Albuquerque Photographer’s Gallery in Old Town Albuquerque.  You can visit their website by going to http://www.abqphotographersgallery.com

I participate in juried shows with my own work and have created unique venues for local artists to show and sell their work.  Our most recent endeavor hosted seventeen local artists at the 5G Gallery in downtown Albuquerque for a month.   

Other interests include cooking plant-based foods, tending to the needs of my family and animals, running, reading non-fiction.  I am also involved with animal rescue groups and volunteer my photographic services to these organizations; capturing the personality of a Great Dane puppy is a source of pure pleasure for me! 


Vicki travels between Albuquerque and Angel Fire in scrumptious Northern New Mexico.  Most of her image making is done in these two places with frequent jaunts around the country to see what treasures can be found. She thrives on pushing images into different color configurations.  She enjoys the satisfaction of changing things to suit her specifications; figuring out those specs on the fly challenges her.  She is intrigued with the way color affects mood and spends much time reflecting on that.  She believes that the environments we create for ourselves mold us in powerful and significant ways.  Color is a big contributor to well-being and this is something she experiments with frequently.  She is quite fond of saying:  
"Always surround yourself with kind people"

"Do something about those white walls!"